Who are those Wizards?

As we premised, Wizards’Duel is about two challengers confronting each other for theire own reasons. So there is a couple of opposites, and this is what I only knew when we started to brainstorming about ’em. Then many opposites couples useful for our purpose came up to our mind:





Gandalf The Pink: a freaky twisted clichè

Even if clichè related, these eight opposites were enough material to works on. Soon I understood that characters would have been some how “classic”, and that’s good to me, all I have to find out is how give em the right feeling. Is important to start from basic, simple and very acceptable ideas, but serve it with top manners and original style. Before the LOTR was on screen there was already a sorcerer clichè from the book, on which Peter Jackson’ Gandalf is based on, but Ian Mckellen take it to another level, being the sorcerer himself, gaving to him feelings incarnated: shadows and highlights, dust and blood on his clothes, anger, rage and still sense of humor, wisdom and interior peace. All this in the most inspiring wizard clichè ever made. Because if Tolkien taught us something, is that characters are clichè, archetype and models: all is about HOW you use it. If they do things already done their totaly useless, but if they do things no one ever did, well, people will stop by to see ’em win or die, once again.


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