Heretical pixel art!

S&S’ inspiring screenshot

I love to mix things. What could have been art without mix?

While mixing with others men all over the world we share ideas. As in genetic, this make ideas’ purity lower but make ’em stronger. I said Wizard’s Duel will be a 2d pixel art game, but it will be not legit, and sure it will be not pure. We need quick work here. But we live in great days: I can mix pixel art with everything else obtaining great results and nobody will kill me for this. (Don’t you?). So, as Leonardo da Vinci told me, I will use textures to obtain pleasant battlefield, nice to be looked by players. This means that the games will probably looks somehow photographic (shiver among the crowd).

S&S’ super inspiring screenshot

I’m experimenting with HD  textures mixed with some pixel art, and I’m satisfied with the results. Watching Sword and Sworcery, I’ve noticed that the mix of high and low res is intriguing. Look at the moon on the background, is the only thing make not with pixels and for contrast it looks so distant and real. And here is an antilogy I will call the <<low on hi-res paradox>>. In painting we refine foreground and we use less resolution for background, make it blurry with softer brush. But if mixed with pixel art, the high-res objects results the farthest on the background. That’s because even if with lousy res, pixeled object looks sharpened with pure, defined colors, and this make em appears very solid and near. In next posts I’ll show you my first results. Follow us!

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