Dully Pop Caravaggio

PaletteFinished01Often 8 or 16 bit games in the past had a palette rich in green, red and blue zone. That’s why old games looked very saturated with pure bright colors, being based on pure RGB channels. But we are not in the ’80 anymore, nor in the ’90 and we are living in a “desaturating era” with a pinch of fluo. We finally understood that ancient secret because of which if everything is bright nothing shines (as I repeat to my paint’ students). Caravaggio perfectly knew this, keeping red, yellow and white focused in a single point or in little portions. For the same reasons I will save #FF0000 just for bright fire ball core, but except this I’ll keep WD dull.

My palette will not reach NES perfection (take a look to those RGB code: mathematic masterpiece), but that was designed for a multigame console, while mine will have to fit just for our Wizards Duel, showing nothing but my vision.

I used the Nintendo 8 bit palette as basic model, extending pink-rose and cyan-turquoise zone, reducing green-yellow in opposition to elder palette. Then I’ve enriched all tones with a deep dark and a mid-greyish variations, plus bright watercolor luminescents. That’s because I’d like to avoid pure black from WD, and use instead a vast range of darks, with smokey mellow mid-tones and rare sharped point of lights, like an academic’s oil painting. Next two weeks will be dedicated to improve this palette, and find its weakness. So stay tuned! Hot stuff is arriving!



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