WD Concept Art: Fiery Pit’s Thumbs

Fire thumbs01s

Some thumbnails to find the right feeling with Wizards’ Duel test level: the Fiery Pit.

This sketches will help me with environmental textures, architectonical understanding of spaces, level’s colors palette, unique location and objects. Most pixel artists doesn’t spend much time on non-pixel concept, ‘cos it slows down the process. But in my experience this can provide much more unity and inspiration for all level’s elements.

Based on the arabian fabulous City of Brass, the fire level will extend in a vulcan core at the World’s End. Through lava pools and precious scorched halls, infested by insidious FireFlys, the evil Thugs, Flame’ Hounds and Salamanders, will be a real challenge to find the dominator spirit of this realm… Will you be skilled enough to beat the Efreet in his lair, get his power and fight the Wizard’s Duel?!  Follow us and you will know!

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