Gameplay Premises Part 3 – Terrain and Hazards

In part 2 we talked about how a single effect will be able to interact with the game world in different ways depending on context, but the world is not just a static place.

The game world is a dynamic place and will be as much as an enemy as it could be an ally. The first and more evident way the world will shape the game experience is trough terrains. Each terrain has a specialized behavior. I have already talked about Ice and Lava. If you step over the latter you will sustain a large amount of damage while if you step over the former you will be moved around randomly, possibly ending up near an enemy or, worse, fall into a Pit, which is still another kind of terrain.

Examples of world interaction through spells

Examples of world interaction through spells (images from

The concept is not completely new for RPGs, for a recent example you can take a look at Divinity: Original Sin, or roguelikes, but our aim is to actually make it one of the central part of the experience.

Every area of the game world (well, at least most of them) will then have some special feature that I call Hazards. Hazards are special behaviors of a level that can help or hinder your progress trough the game. For example lava will be able to spread throughout a level or otherwise flow from fissures on the ground, thus forcing your character to take different routes or be creative with your spells.

This mechanic together with the spell effects and their combination constitutes the base upon which the rest of the game will be built upon. Have you any thoughts on what we presented so far? Remember that you can share them also on twitter (Daniele’s too!).

In the next installments I will discuss the peculiarities of the game structure and its standing against the commons items such as inventory and level progression.

Thanks for reading.

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