Hey, this is not pixel art!


No, but anyway is cool. These are the first experiments I did on seamless texture. As I have previously explained, I want to not use an anonym tileset and I didn’t mean to invest energies building my own. So I started to put textures together, and these are early results. This is the Fiery Pit’s stage, the fire level. The lava is near to pump out the ground and invade the dungeon, forcing the player to choose a different path or cast ice on it and pass (if he already got the Winter’ Spirit), offering different strategy also against enemy’s AI. This primitive mock up is close to my vision, but I can still put more life in and soon I will add more light atmosphere and pixel art sprites.

I’ve never seen something like this used in a game, and this could be for three reasons:

1) scripting textures’ changes in the same level is a pain in the neck

2) the photographic style mixed with pixel art is too impure

3) I’m a genius and nobody has never even thought nothing similar


Only the test of times will show us the truth… But you could help, and let us know what’s your first feeling about this screenshot. Thanks a lot, things begin to get fun here.

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra

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