Gameplay Premises Part 4 – Areas and Bosses

In part 3 the world was fleshed out as a dynamic place but was not given a context. Having terrains and hazards is good, but if not given a framework they can result in just a random bunch of mechanics without a direction.

Fire thumbs01part

Fiery Pit Entrance (click to enlarge)

Remember when we talked about the spirits? Good, the game world will be divided in areas, one for each spirit, and each one will have its own hazards and enemies. The areas can be taken in any order, this means that depending on your choices the game will play a lot differently in each play-trough.

Using this schema enables us to imprint a sort of narrative to the game: your first steps inside an area will give you space to understand the area’s gimmicks and enemies, and how to use your spells effectively; after that the true challenge will start and the level and enemies will become harder and stronger until you reach the climax of the area, the spirit governing this corner of the world.

Our goal for these bosses is that each of them should be characteristic, and force you to think out of the box to win. Instead of just giving them more health and more damage we want to have boss fights that will give a lasting impression. If we will succeed only time will tell.

After you have beaten a boss you will bind it to your character and thus be able to use new effect for your spells. However, every time this happens your rival will also progress, thus locking up one of the remaining areas. At the end of a single play-trough you will have at your disposal only half of the spirits, so you will have to think in advance about a possible strategy if you are interested in a certain combination, but there will be no guarantee to succeed in obtaining it.

In time we will reveal the areas and bosses planned for the game, but we are still thinking about the “bonus” stages. Are there any area that you will be interested in having in the final game?

Thanks for reading.

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