The Wise Sage and the Cruel Mage


I love this sensation. When you look to your own work and you feel like: <<this is it. I’ve nailed the idea I had in my mind>>. It rarely happens, doesn’t matter how much passionate you are about that thing, but this is that time. In last month I developed my vision of our two main characters, with their background and story, their look and outfits, hood, hat and staffs, and… here we go. After some sketches (that I will show you somedays), I needed soon to focus on their faces. I’m a pro portraitist and I’m confy to show souls through physiognomy, and I was so curious to know more about our two wizards. I love the determinated calm coming from the Wise Old Sage, and the aggressive exotic power emanate from the Cruel Young Mage. Sure they have names, and soon I will tell you more about ’em, and I will show you their transition into pixel art 32*32 px. In the meantime just enjoy this first promo poster and let me know what you think about it!

And don’t forget to follow us here for never miss a post! Things are getting hot here, and first screenshot release will soon arrive! Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “The Wise Sage and the Cruel Mage

  1. The promo is very beautiful, really.
    It’s how you say, the young mage seems to be very strong meanwhile the old sage may know so much spells to oppose his power.
    I just can’t wait for the release!

    P.s.: I’m sorry for my bad english

    • Thanks for your support Pakap. For the entire release we have not a certain date, but a first playable level could be available soon. So please stay tuned, because your future feedbacks will be precious for us.

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