These pixels will try to kill you!

Fire Monsters Set (thugs variationsBIG)

Good, Luca and I have started today to talk about a tech demo. We have not a release date at the moment, but sure we’ll let you know soon. There you will face a dungeon in the Fiery Pit, with random spawned enemies ready to kill you. So, here we go with some Thugs concepts. Thugs are Efreet’s infantry, not fast or tough, but don’t let them come too close ‘cos they ready to chop your little pixelated head with a single slash.

Made in 32*32 pixels, with Wizards’ Duel palette, I ‘ve created these Thugs with strong inspiration on original 8bit games (have you ever played Trojan by Capcom?). I want ’em very minimalist and rough, with a 2 cycle basic animation, not too much “rouged”. Don’t get me wrong,  contemporary pixel art is extraordinary, but often I find it too sophisticated, like california’ wines, if you know what I mean. Personally I prefer a glass of the farmer’s egg smelling barbera.

Whatever, is nice to see I was right with my theory <<low on hi-res paradox>>.  As you can see here, even if in only 32*32 8 colors, pixel Thugs appear bright and solid on the soft HD background.

Well, things are coming to light!


Daniele Lynx Lasalandra

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