This mock up will save our world!



“Any fool can complicate things. It takes a genius to make things simple”.

Woody Guthrie (or Albert Einstein)


After my last ice level concept, and its crash against the Game Design’ requirements, I was quite afraid Wizards’ Duel aesthetic would have been turned in some shoddy pixels sh#t. But, damn, this does not look that bad, uh? I’m not claiming that’s better than Hyper Light Drifter or Bastion, but I can proudly tell you that I love it and definitely this mock up saved at least our WD’s world!

I’ve spent a couple of days rearranging things, especially focusing on mountains requirements, and  since the first WD mock up, things have changed a bit: I reworked the floor’s texture and changed the closed labyrinth into an open caves system. In fact every stage will be splitted in 3 levels, everyone with a different design approach, but if walled rooms connected by corridors are easy enough to be shown in a proper way, a more free caves’ system like this needed a different solutions. A challenging task for both engineer and artist…

But what’s more interesting in this mock up, is a first view on concept FX for environmental elements and magic (hot lava, frozen tiles to pass on it and shift enemies randomly). And there’s two new enemy types I still didn’t introduce: the Flametor (an undead filled by hell’s fire) and the Firefly. I really wanted a sober appearance for enemies, without UI feedbacks for them, compelling the player to examine the screen looking for new incomers.

You can also see some rudimental objects for the Fiery Pit’s stage: lava mouth (the specific stage’ trap, that will fill the level with flood of lava, changing the battlefield), and the Nest, a Fireflys spawner. Both of these objects will be interactive, so you could stop the lava with an ice’ spell, or make the Nest explode with a Hurt’spell…

The mock up shows lights and atmosphere’s layers and everything is starting to take a cohesive look! I can’t wait to put my hands on the first finished level!

Last note: you probably noticed the new yellow button on the right column. That’s for donation. Wizards’ Duel will be free to play, and if you like the work we’re doing and you’d like to help us to make Wizards’ Duel bigger, stronger and better, spare a coin (or a bunch of money!) and we will be grateful forever.


Thanks for following this ever growing adventure and for everything you will do for help us

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art director



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