The Sound of Wizards’ Duel


As Wizards’ Duel Art Director I have the mission to find music and FX for the game.  Besides my visual work, I play music too, and I’m in touch with some amazing collegues and conductors, but given that Wizards’Duel is at the moment a no budget project, I didn’t mean to offer them an unpaid job. At the same time, every time Luca and I discuss about gameplay and I’m on WD arts I feel themes and sound moods in my head. I’m in both indie and classical music, I play guitars and sing in a brand new band called BIMBI LASER (electro funk). On soundcloud you can hear my last two pop/low-fi EP, Pirotecnica and The Rash Hero II.

My influence about games’ OST are currently The Witcher, Nobuo Uematsu’s FF VI & VII , Jim Guthrie’ Sword & Sworcery, Yasunori Mitsuda’s Chrono Cross, Darren Corb’s Transistor. Generally I love to listen to last John Frusciante solo stuff and Motown’s funk.

For WD I had a mood in my mind, but I’m still split about style. Epic electro orchestral could be nice, but low-fi indie would be a stronger contrapuntal choice, contrasting with the pixel classic fantasy atmosphear I’m building. Anyway, soon you will hear something from me, because I’m impatient to give WD’s world a voice.

Thanx for reading,

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra

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