Wizards’Duel OST: The Frozen Spire


After some experiments with digital oscillators, old soundfonts and loops, here comes the first original composition for Wizards’ Duel.  The Frozen Spire will be the Iceland “world”, and the thumbnail shows its boss: the Yuki-Onna, a desperate spirit bound to the snow mountains.

Yukko Onna03

As you can hear, my initial doubt about epic orchestra style or contrappuntistic indie rock got materialized in a mix of them, with a japanese detuned koto played with a pop attitude, and rock guitars mixed with choirs and french horns, all mixed up with electro drum and bass.

The track is formed by two movements, the first for the Frozen Spire exploration and fights, and the second for the Yuki Onna encounter. Because Wizards’ Duel is based on procedural generation, I thought it was wrong to just compose a song and play it all over the stage or just randomly between the fights. So my plan is to split every movements in different loops for every situation on the battlefield and trigger them on the events. IE:

– if there are no enemies play loop 01 and randomly loop 02;

– if enemies appear and their hit points are less than x play loop 03;

– if hit points are less than Y play loop 04, and so on…

The same will be operated on the boss’ theme, from the first meet untill the climax and the player’s victory. So in all the piano and forte that you hear in the second movement you can imagine Exekiel talk with the Yuki Onna for convince her to join him, and then fight for defend his life by her desperate scream…


Every part will be played several times depending on your encounters, so what you hear in the game will be different from the finished OST we’ll release, and every game will generate a different song structure!


Things are taking a shape, so follow us further in our make of!

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

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