Rake: the rash rebel


And here comes the second and last Wizards’ Duel’s playable character: Rake. As previously explained for our first PC Exekiel my rules are:

  • 32*32 pixels
  • one color + a shadow
  • the palette I made
  • 12 colors per sprite (I’d like to reduce ‘em at 8 only)

About the name, I wanted something with a hard sound, short and aggressive. Rake synonyms are: debauchee, decadent, deviate, libertine, pervert. Related words are: delinquent, incorrigible; blackguard, cad, heel, knave, miscreant, rascal, reprobate, satyr

In a traditional view of good vs evil, Rake could be consideredthe antagonist. Dunno if you have my same feeling, but even if anti-heros and fallen heros are often well played in fiction, in last years I saw some troubles with classic final bosses, expecially in last fight. I’ve recently played Batman Arkham Asylum, Max Payne 3, Tomb Raider, and all of these blockbusters have some big lack in the last confrontation. And I’m not talking about the trope No Final Boss for You…

– In the first episode of Rocksteady Arkham’s serie, Joker is omnipresent, with his radio comments and TV presence. From the first to the last scene you have his white smiling face staring at you during your chasing, and when you finally reach him, the Joker become an invincible monster against who you can do nothing if not grapple him on the back and bring him down. Repeat 3 times and you will finish the game. In the last sequence Joker appears bruised, with broken teeth, but you had not the pleasure to break one of them. Not a single punch on his laughing face.
It made me regret Final Fantasy VII’s last fight, with Sephirot waiting for you coup de grace. It was the sweetest push-the-button-thing ever. Sephirot killed Aerith, obliging you to live in the vain hope to find a cheat to make her revive… Meta game and game design are useful tools to encrease the player’s hate for his nemesis: just please let the climax explode!
– I find Max Payne 3 a brilliant game, with a simple but perfect game design and tough levels, interactive cut scenes are great, but again, who are the bosses? You have no other reason to fight the enemies, if not because they are just shooting at you. And again, the last bosses, the one whom totaly fooled you for the entire game, the only with a clear identity since the begin, the one who killed his entire family just for his career… Isn’t supposed you have to smash his nose with a punch in last fight? No sir. He don’t even show his face. You have to blow up his plane, that’s great, but that’s it. Then the curtain falls.
– Something similar happen in Tomb Raider. This awesome reboot really put you side to side with Lara’s initiation, but there are troubles with ludo-narrative dissonance, a lack of cohesion between Lara and her staff, and a huge absence of a classic final fight with Mathias and the over told Queen, with the result to leave you at the end with the frustration to have made not the difference.
Well, Rake will be not an absence. He will be a presence, a hanging shadow over every choice you make untill the last fight. Over the last post you heard me use often the word CLASSIC. That’s how our last fight will be. Classic with One Winged Angel transformation.
Let me know what you think about last fights in recent videogames and your opinion on Rake’s look!
Next time will come Rake’s animation’s sheet and fire world’s tune! Follow us!
Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

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