First Screenshot

Real life kept me away from working on WD for a while, but now I am back with the very first screenshots from the game engine, nothing fancy but finally I have to show something to make sure that this is not just vaporware.

Lights on!

Lights on! (click to enlarge)

Basic animations are in place, lighting is more or less working and everything loads from an external XML configuration file so it is easy to experiment and make variations.

I take this opportunity to show you some a bit of the evolution of the graphic engine. Here is one of the very first prototypes, just to get a feeling on layers and masking. You can already see walls, pits and “foreground” elements. These were just two images with a “tilemask” on top.

Very first prototype

Very first prototype

This is a more advanced prototype showing a first prototype of the walls, with a back shadow. Also you can see some very rough pits displaying “geometric” masking. Masks will be drawn in later revisions.

Mountains and pits

Mountains and pits

Ans the last one to showcase some dynamic lighting (here set to additive).

Dynamic Additive Lighting

Dynamic Additive Lighting

Thanks for looking.

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