Wizard’s Duel OST: The Fiery Pit


Hi guys,

in his last post, Luca shown first Wizards’ Duel in-game screenshot. We are about 5% of our entire project and this is worrisome, due the time and effort we spend on it. But we are proud about how the whole thing proceed, so we have just to calm down, don’t rush, respect the pipeline and carve out the piece one hit at time. If you like our work so far please spare a coin! Wizard’s Duel will be free-to-play but isn’t free to make =) So, give if you can!


And about HIT, today I want to let you hear the second track extracted by my Wizards’ Duel OST: The Fiery Pit. As I’ve explained for the Frozen Spire’s track, I want every level’s music composition to be split in loops triggered on different game conditions for obtain a procedural song structure, more adaptive to every situation than a rigid structured song. That’s why all the tracks could sound too much straight and dry, without repetition or chorus: the entire song will bloom while you play, changing every time.

As for the Frozen Spire, the track is based on two movements: the Fiery Pit exploration and the boss confrontation (the Efreet!)

OST layout WD+CLG logo Efreetversion

The first one want to immerse you into ancient mosque’s halls scorched by magma and the past of time, and at enemies approach start with an arab melody based on phrygian modal scale. Into a mediterranean percussive atmosphere the theme is lead by a Rubab (a chordophone Afghan instrument) then taken by a violin (this sound still not convince me…) with a male voice bordone. An etno trumpet and some timpani break down the track for launch the begin of electronic section, with chopper and trance filter on the theme surrounded by female choir and didgeridoo and trombone. Then the rock section erupt: is still to mix it better but I’d like the slow rock drum with that ethnic voice screaming in the background.

A gong smash and the song settle down: the Efreet appear, and the player will talk with him a bit trying to convince him to join his battle. But a fierce Efreet can be only convinced by strength and the boss fight begins. This point for example the track will be looped on the low section just for rise again in digital trance and timpani untill the Efreet screams for fight.

Cello and mute guitar with acute synth on background lead the track on a rock drum, untill you think you’ve beaten the Efreet down. But than diabolic Paganini’s violin accompany his second rise for the last round.  Guitars goes hard, with horns based on first movement theme. As you strike the fatal blow timpani and militar snare takes you to a final Efreet roar waiting for the peaceful end with a female choir and sitar. Absorb the Efreet’s power and enjoy the particle FX!


The take is still a draft, especially for electric guitars that I’d like to play for real instead than use fake cheap synth. I’ll be on #musicsunday this week and soon on Reddit too.

Let me know what you think about this second track and if you find it immersive, critics are always welcome.


Thanx for reading!

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director






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