Strolling Around

This is just a short 64-frame loop of our Exekiel running in circles at a very low frame rate (16Hz). It is actually more of a video capture test for a program that Daniele found for me than an animation test.

Strolling around

Strolling around

While it is something awfully basic you can already see some features of the graphics engine:

  1. Spot and ambient lighting;
  2. Multiple layers (the top of the walls cover the character’s legs);
  3. Seamless movement, even if the game uses a grid and turn based mechanics;
  4. The animations are dynamically loaded from an external file and everything up to the speed of movement is configurable.

The “mirror” of the sprite is a bit off because I have not set any offsets, but we will have time to polish everything. For now I am satisfied to show that something is moving (pun absolutely intended).

Thanks for watching.

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