The World of Wizards’ Duel

WorldMap Bozza01

Hi everybody,

while we are focusing on the Fiery Pit as a test level for development, I am pushing art assets a bit forward to not find myself unprepared when Luca will finish standard scripting. In fact, the achievement of programming an entire level will technically complete most of our entire project, but I will have to draw other 9 stages! That’s why I have to quicken a bit the things here’s on, at least with concepts for stages and enemies.

As we previously explained, the duel of our wizards will be fought around the world, to dominate spirits and gather their powers for the last confrontation: well, here is the world of Unica. This sketch looks like a mob of magical places but shows all the important locations of our universe. In the final version all elements will be pixel made and scattered around along with terrains, cities, and villages for a more complete sense of world map.

The playable locations will be ten (some names could change):

Temple of War, Guardian’s Tower, Fiery Pit, Stone Forest, Sky Sanctuary, Windy Canyon, Frozen Spire, Misty Swamp, Demon Rift and Whisper Ruins.

WorldMap Bozza02

Every time you will finish a level and come back to World Map, the consequences of your act will be shown: if you defeat the Efreet and obtain his spirit to join you, then the Fiery Pit will solidify and the volcano will stop erupting. After a while the effect of your opponent’s choice will appear too: and by the melting ice on the Frozen Spire you will know he got the cold power of the Yuki Onna!

That’s  how the missing of any Genius Loci can influence the world map. I’d like to add in-game consequence with the nearest stage still to play.

The world looks like an empty place with all magic in a single hand, uh?

Well, let us know what you think about it, and don’t forget to donate if you would like to help us! As I use to say: Wizards’ Duel will be free-to-play but it’s not-free-to-make.


Cheers everybody, thanks for reading!

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

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