In the beginning was the Frame


As a retro gamer and as a visual artist I’ve been always attracted by animations in every form. Since I was 8 I doodled my school’s books with hundreds of stick warriors in every page’s corner just for flip them and watch them fight! It was about 1990, and animations in video games were usually no more complicated than that: Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake, Final Fantasy III, Double Dragon III, Zombie, Zombie Nation (infinite franchise and zombie: games aren’t changed that much, uh?)  all these titles involve 2 or 3 cycle animations. Massive production as Nintendo Super Mario World used 4/8 full animation cycle, without chiral sprites, but games like that were rare if not unique (what about Dragon’s Lair Laser Games!?).

So for our purpose a 2/3 cycle in Wizards’ Duel sounded like a plan: a big load of work for a single artist as I am, but not impossible to handle with good organization.

Mage-Motion-Front02I had in the past some basic animation experience with short film’s logo or raw stop motion clips, but a complete project based on frames sequences that’s another planet. I had to start from the beginning, reading rudiments of key frames (the art of understand which positions in a whole movement are essential for explain an action), understanding the reason of eye’s perception and how to recycle sprites for different animations. And than draw, draw, and draw again.

Ork-walk-hit01Than considerate the fact I wasn’t very comfy with pixel art, and that I had a simple but radical style in my mind and you can understand how hard the start was. Now I found a direction I’m proud of, but the first animations were brupt, patchy and unefficent.

Even keeping basic cycle animations, I’d really like to have more resources to work on our game for reach top quality results, inspired by Crawl animators and Irkalla, but until we are no budget this will be no possible. So, as usual I encourage you to donate: Wizards Duel will be free-to-play but is not-free-to-dev. So, spare a coffee and give us a boost! You will help us to develope a bigger, better a more appealing game experience.

Thanks for your attention, keep following here and on twitter @theblindlynx @tndwolf

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

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