I have worked a bit on the Particle System. Like the Sound Engine this is something new for me so I was quite happy and surprised how its integration with the rest was mostly painless.

In the screenshot you can see our Exekiel prepping for his Gandalf impersonation!

I will talk about the anatomy of a particle system in another post, but for now let me say that the animation system worked great and, on my test machine (a first generation Intel i5 with 4GB of RAM), it scaled nicely up to 1000 particles before starting to lag a bit. That’s quite something when you consider that it comes with zero optimization!

For now this is just an hard-coded particle effect, but now that I have the basic system in place the next step will be to load it from the same configuration files that I have talked about in an earlier post.

Particles are not, in fact, only useful for special visual effects but will be used to make the world more alive, for example by animating waves of lava and cinders flying in the foreground of the Fiery Pits.

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Fireworks!

    • Yeah, I agree. This happens because for now the “emitter” has no delay and everything starts up at once. Now I am adding a couple of other kind of effects (for now only gravity is applied) after that I will add parameters to the emitters, like delay between particles, and will update this animation.
      Thanks for your comment.

    • I have updated the screenshot. I did some work on the Particle Systems and now the Emitters can be delayed and take different shapes and effect, a post about the new possibilities is under way. Thanks again for your interest!

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