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World Palette Simple01

Hi everybody,

here at Carbon Laser we are so glad for the attention your paying to us: our stats exploded last week and we can just say thank you! This give us a boost for do even a better work! And, as you can see below: is a bunch!

As unique artist, art director and composer,  here under you can read all the assets I have to develop in next months. After brainstorming, some concepts and executives for characters and the Fiery Pit, I’ve started going deeper in the whole world.  To do that I needed a full vision about color scheme and visual narrative consecution of levels for every stage. So I had to make a minimal palette wheel based on our World Map and basic tech thumbnails.

Stages Plan (color notes and thumbs)

So before the end of the 2014 the first level could be playable as an alpha test, end in next months I will develop all these other components:

Concept Art:

– Characters, Enemies and Spirits

– Spells, Particle FX and Lights

– environments, Mockup and World Map

– Graphic User Interface


– Textures

– Character, Enemies and Spirit Sprites

– Spells and Particle FX

– Interactive Element, Unique Locations Sprites

– Animations

– Graphic User Interface

– Promo Art, Trailer


– Music

– Sound FX

– Spoken Dialogs?

As you see is a big load of stuff for a single hobbyist. Wizards’s Duel will be free-to-play but isn’t free-to-make and I invite you to help us with a DONATION to ease my work even just with a coffee.

Thanks for your attention, follow us and share critics

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

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