Free the Code

At long last I have created a repository on GitHub for Wizards’ Duel! You can find it following this link.


Follow the development on GitHub

The rule should be “release early, release often“, so this action was long overdue. Now you can take a deeper look at the development of our game and maybe take a laugh at the disorganized and amateurish mess that is my work, yay!

Of course you would think that just setting up a repo and add an already existing directory would have been a piece of cake. Well, it was not. I had the insane idea of cleaning up a bit and actually create a new solution from the ground up, to make sure that it would actually work and build if I ever have to work distributedly (it looks like it is an actual word) from another machine.

… it took hours! First the project would not load the System namespace, and I had to actually change some references and includes to make it work, then the executable was not recognized by Xamarin Studio, finally the program started crashing before even showing something on the screen.

Fortunately now the debugger was working (yeah, until now I wrote without a debugger, take pity on me) so I found out that SFML wasn’t loading properly the textures. Say what? The texture was there, in the correct directory, and it was the same as the old one. After maybe an hour I perchance deleted the texture and had to take it back from another folder. Of course, now, everything worked fine.

After hitting my head several times against the .gitignore file (I always used mercurial for my pet projects), everything looked fine and I could commit everything.

Thanks for reading and feel free to browse the code and point out all the awful things that should have never have seen the light of the day. Of course I will not be responsible for anything that happens up to and including auto-combustion of your PC 😀

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