Atlas and Bestiary

Monsters Stage for Variations1000x800px

Monsters roster for Arabian based stage: The Fiery Pit

As every respectable fantasy world the unified Empire of Unica is full filled by humongous and terrific creatures roaming in astounding locations. They are an essential part of the game design which Luca and I started to define since the first brainstorm. Exekiel and Rake’s powers come from the Spirits, so we need to know who are them and where they exactly live as they will be the bosses of every stage.

We did not want our monster’s roster to be based on cliche and we tried to keep it fresh and original. For example, in the Frozen Spire we avoided trivial ice elemental, and the governor Spirit of the place will be not a White Dragon, but a more peculiar and less known Japanese Yuki Onna. Since his first draft, Luca listed distinctive creatures from different lore and provenance and Wendigo, Yeti and Draugr came along with Yuki Onna. All these were uncommon monsters, often misconstrued (does anybody remember the unbearable FFVIII Wendigo?!), and we liked to take advantage of their originality.


Introducing the Indonesian Leyak: a woman’s head with guts attached

At the same time it looked unfair to me to amass together North American, Celtic and Nepalese monsters just because they share a passion for cold. Mythological pastiches: I hate em. If you want to use Greek mythology there are hundreds of charming monsters which to draw, no need to summon the damned Kraken! (does anybody said Clash of Titans?!)

So I purposed to arrange stages and monster on different characterization for every single world. If Yuki Onna domain is the ice mountain, well, all the ice level would have been Japanese flavored. If we wanted an Efreet as the volcano governor, then the Fiery Pit must have been Arabian inspired.

I’ve studied mythology since I was a child, nevertheless I had to work my fingers to the bone for getting out 10 characterizations with 4 or 5 interesting creatures each, plus the area’s boss. I want Wizards’ Duel’s players to be charmed by monsters and wonder about their origins. There will be space enough for my personal interpretation, but I’d like every creature to have a real life reference,  a fantasy monster bound to our historical reality, and those who knows their legends can tell ’em as nonfictional lore.


Rake is facing Ubadian and Girtablilu from Mesopotamic flavored Misty Marsh stage.

That’s why I choose to build a proper Bestiary inside Wizards’ Duel, with history, etymology and my pixel interpretations, full of bizarre creatures you have never heard of. From the Windy Canyon’s Indonesian folklore to Byzantine myth for the Whispers’ Ruins, from Judaic demonology for the Demon Rift to Mesopotamic knowledge for the Misty Marshes…

Things are getting tough here and I want to thanks our donors for their material and spiritual support. If you like our work do not hesitate to make a donation or just offer us a coffee and give us a boost for build a better and harder duel! Wizards’ Duel will be free-to-play, but sure is not free-to-make =)


Thanks for you passion!

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

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