Fun with Particles

Since the first fireworks I have worked more on the Particle System and things are looking cool!

Snow particles

Brr, is it that time of the year, already?

I apologize for the pun. However, as you can see in the screenshots on this page, the particle system basic functionalities are mostly complete. For now I have got:

  1. Emitters capable of spawning multiple particles at different times and with different Time-To-Live.
  2. Different types of emitters: lines, boxes or points.
  3. Various grades of randomizations: starting point, starting and ending colors, starting velocity and direction.
  4. Directional Attractors (gravity) and Point Attractors.
  5. Possibility to use pixels or textures.
A celtic knot

A celtic knot

Above and below a couple of variations of the same Emitter, just changing the starting velocity and the strength of the Attractor.

Circle of fireflies

Circle of fireflies

Now let’s spice things up a bit and add a second Emitter with a different starting direction as the first but with the same Attractor.

Atom particles

Behold, the power of the suns!

The following example uses a texture instead of pixels. It also uses the Gravitational Attractor, but with inverted acceleration.

Protection Buff

Protection Buff effect, using textures

But everything looks better with pixels, right?

Protection Buff effect

Protection Buff effect, using pixels

Particle Systems are really interesting and for the next post I would like to delve a bit into the details about how they are managed in Wizards’ Duel. Hopefully it could help other programmers or give them some new ideas.

Thanks for reading.

Birth of a pixel universe

Birth of a pixel universe!

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