WD OST: Rake’s theme

It’s been a while without any update for Wizard’s Duel OST, and today I want to present my last composition: the Rake’s Theme. I have not a classic formation, so I will try to be somehow technical at least on the expressive side.

As the rebel pupil of Exekiel the Sage, Rake will  try to find his own way in the pursuit of magic at risk of his innocence and life. That’s the mood I wanted to give to his theme, trying to avoid any didacticism or epic tone (damn, nowadays they put epic tracks even for toothpaste…). Instead of describing the rash and bilious temper of youth with madrigalism or dramatic phrasing, I preferred to find an intimate but still bitter and peppy tone (that’s how I would describe my adolescence), keeping a mournful electro funk atmosphere since the beginning, cut by sudden stop and go.

Then the melody attack played by the violin, sustained by strings. And as a change of atmosphere a syncopated guitar arrives together with dance pulsation. I love those melodies – especially the gimping guitar riff mutuated by Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Ethiopia – and the feeling of great promise in the all these movements, as if something bigger would happen in any moment… Isn’t that the premise of the entire life when you’re 18, daring all what you known? Like you’re born for something more than just to be taught by somebody old and boring?

Mage's Duel03 400x400_04Despite the fact is so used today and useful, I tried to avoid a simple shift to close tonality (all that C than C# feel so trite) trying to explain anxiety of failure with the proper instruments of contemporary music youth: overdrive bass, hardcore kick and dist guitar.

And when the youngster arrive to his climax: there, the majestic of mystery doesn’t appear all that appealing, but reveal his crying ugly face of terror, with his cage of fake freedom and loneliness. And that trance style screaming communicates that perfectly: the panic of adolescence, when even the way you choose tears you apart.


Jim Guthrie’s Sword & Sworcery OST gave me much inspiration to keep a fresh feeling and at the same time show muscles without being bombastic. Good indie music really has this virtue: it feels at the same time cold and hot, connecting stomach and mind, like a nice balanced chorus on a Fender’ Strato.

Let me know what you think about this track, play it at your new year party and feel free to make a donation to help us in our task for make a bigger, harder, faster duel!


Thanks for all your support and attention, merry Christmas (in late) and happy new year!

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

tweet @TheBlindLynx


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