Stages and Bosses!

WDAllStars 1000

Aww yeah! I wanted so bad to make this post! As shown last year in my Planned Arts, we have the complete list of locations now, with clear reference for inspirations and neat colors’ scheme… But what could be a stage without a final boss? So I’m proud to introduce the Dominators of the “worlds”, the Genii Loci, the Keepers of Magic : here they come the Spirits!

As explained in our premise,  the playable characters, Exekiel the Sage and Rake the Rebel will have to fight these Spirits around the Gathered Empire of Unica for collect their powers untill the last showdown.

Here you will find: Stage Name (Inspirational Flavour) – Boss’ name and title


WDAllStars 1000_01

Frozen Spire (Japanese) – Ju On, the Yuki Onna

Rake the Rebel

Exekiel the Sage

Whisper’ Ruins (Byzantine) – Catacano, the Brucolaco


WDAllStars 1000_02

Fiery Pit (Arab) – Iblis, the Efreet Prince

Misty Marsh (Mesopotamian) – Selkis, the Scorpion Queen

Windy Canyon (Indonesian) – Garuda, the Mount of Gods

Demon Rift (Hebrew) – Belphegor, the Lord of the Gap


WDAllStars 1000_03

Stone Forest (Celtic) – Geirröd, the Jötunn

Sky Sanctuary (Christian) – Uriel, the Archangel

Temple of Strife (Original) – Strife, The Sword

Mast of Truce (Original) – Truce, The Shield


Things may vary a bit in next months for some names and avatar redesign, but basically that’s what you will face in our game! Soon I will start to dedicate a single post for every stage, with description of its own boss, enemies and traps, music and description in-depth.

That’s all by now! Once again I invite you to spare a coin with a donation, for help us in Wizard’s Duel development. It will be free-to-play but it takes time and energies: so a coffee break sponsored by you would be great! You will get credited, and receive all the available release! So give if you can!


Thank you!

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

twitter @theblindlynx










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