Once upon a time: Part I & II


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Many years before the realms were united under the name of Unica, a young and powerful sorcerer called Exekiel was summoned at King Dorico’s court. King’s dream was to gather all the realms together in a single Empire to stop the many conflicts crossing the lands and gifting people with peace and prosperity. Dorico had the strongest army ever seen, but still he was missing the most powerful weapon: a sage and loyal wizard. He offered to Exekiel to spend the autumn at court and judge if the King and his dreams were trustworthy. Being both powerful and ambitious, Dorico and Exekiel soon became friends, sharing secrets of magic and war.

The spring after they departed together, leading the King’s army to battle against a neighboring realm. Despite their opponent’s strength, Dorico’s victory was ablazing, all adversaries slain by Exekiel’s Spirits. Realm by realm, everyone succumbed under his merciless Red Storm. But mankind was even harder to bind than Spirits, and a trail of corpses thirty years long created before all the realms were under Dorico’s domain. Exekiel became legendary and the people stopped pronouncing his name, trembling while referring to him just as “the Wizard”.

When finally Dorico proclaimed himself Emperor of The Gathered Empire of Unica, Exekiel, almost fifty, sat down beside the throne but he found out that the world was not a better place. He and his friend were old, they were melancholic, their hands were full of blood spilled in the name of a dream, and soon anger came, along with remorse. The weight of the entire world was too much even for their friendship.  And when Dorico asked Exekiel to exterminate rebels to hold his Empire, the Wizard left.

He retired in his own tower, far away from the Capital, and released all the Spirits he dominated, vowing not to forging a Pact with a spirit ever again…


WorldMap Bozza01

The Gathered Empire of Unica


One day, walking in the woods around his tower, Exekiel heard a scream. A boy was caught in some hunters’ bear traps. Exekiel helped him to get out and found that the child’s legs were injured. With words and leaves he healed those wounds.

«You’re a sorcerer, aren’t you?!» the boy exclaimed, back on his own two feet. «I want to learn how to do that!»

«Go back home, lad»  the Wizard said. «I’ve got nothing to teach you».

«My name is Rake» the youngster replied. «My home got burned. I lost my entire family»

«I’m sorry… but I’m an old man… I’m not a sorcerer. Not any more. I just want to rest».

«Go to sleep, then. I’ll wait here ’til you come back».

Exekiel shook his head without replying, and went back to his tower. From the highest balcony he could see the young Rake waiting in the wood. For three days and three nights the lad stood under the sun, the moon and the rain. “Headstrong. He could be a good pupil. He will help me in my senesence. But I swear on my eyes I will make him a better man than I have ever been…”.

The fourth morning, Exekiel left his tower and came back to Rake, led by a tasty smell. The youngster was cooking two bunnies on a wooden spear.

«Have you slept enough, old man?»

«Come with me, Rake. I’ll teach you logic and math, you’ll learn how to read signs in the stars and to make potions. You’ll be able to understand the singing birds and the barking dogs…»

«I want to learn the tricks you used with my legs! I want to cure wounds… and I want to inflict wounds too…»

Exekiel smiled. «You’re a bit too young to have enemies. Why would you hurt somebody?»

«For vengeance. I’ll kill the rebels who murdered my mom, my dad, my brother… my sister…»

Exekiel took the spear with the meal. «That’s something we’ll have to talk about…»

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Hi all, this is are the first and second part of our prologue. If you like were we are going with our game and want to help us to make a bigger, better and faster Wizards’ Duel don’t esitate to mak a donation!

Thanks you all

Daniele Lasalandra – Art Director

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