Adding Enemies

First interactions

First interactions, demonstrating some of the newest developments

After the rewrite of the graphic module I have added several new features to the game engine:

  1. Dynamic loading of particles from file
  2. Addition of enemies, with a very simple AI
  3. Basic game objects interaction
    1. Including objects and particle system facing! (as demonstrated in the screenshot above)
  4. Basic Mouse I/O

With these the game is nearing a point where you can start a level and wander around it interacting a bit with the environment, even if the interactions are mostly cosmetic.

The next step is the introduction of a level generation system, after that we should have enough going on for a first public alpha build. If you like you can already take a look at the source code on our GitHub repository or follow the progress page, that I have updated with a more detailed overview.

Thanks for reading.

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