Sky Sanctuary Concept Art

Sky91_ Environment Thumbnails 3x3_03It was a bit without posting some concept arts. I’ve been busy with pixelous assets, but now that the test level is almost ready (we should be able to release for the end of February) I spent some time on new thumbnails. As I’ve posted the Sky Sanctuary theme, using my own music as inspiration (autarchy is the way!) I’ve begun to doodle landscapes and shrines for this amazing level.

Sky91_ Environment Thumbnails 3x3_01

As you can see there is not a peaceful atmosphere, as you trivially could expect. A heavy lead sky hangs over this marvelous ancient building, surrounding it with a black halo.

Inspired by angelical tradition in Christians knowledge, the Sky Sanctuary will be a hard challenge with waves of daemons trying to reach the Sancta Sanctorum while the angels army will try to stop ’em, guided by Auriel. Will you be able to conquer his loyalty, and pronounce the Pact for gain his holy power?

Sky91_ Environment Thumbnails 3x3_02

I invite you all to stay tuned because this month we should be able to release the first test dungeon, a prototype with basic functions! It will be the first opportunity for a hands on experience with our game! So follow us and never miss a post about our pixelous tactic RPG in the making!

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

tweet @TheBlindLynx


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