Sound FX: 8 bit and HD


Feel my ZAAAAP!

Hi everybody,

as you know along with visual assets I’m developing all the audio for Wizards’ Duel. As a composer I’m putting all my effort into the OST, and since the beginning I didn’t mean to complicate things too much with environment’s audio. I just knew that I would have used a single wave for ambient’ sounds, specific for every stage, but I had no clue about SFX. Sure I want not to spend time collecting royalties free sounds around the net.





Then last week Luca came to me with an amazing online 8 bit SFX generator: That’s the evolution of  well known Dr. Petter’sfx generator, but with so much features and parameters, that make it a must have into your music/game dev bookmarks. Fiddle around with it and thanks to presets, randomizer and mutations in an hour you could have all the low-fi FX you need, ready for your game. Different saving options allow you to share easily all the files with co-creators and friends, with no need to download any .exe just sending ’em your project. Easy and gorgeous.

Listen this attack’ samples: Attack SFX – sfxsamples01

And once again I understood I would use my beloved “low-fi on hi-res paradox” : as for visual assets, 8 bit raw sounds will be part of the interactive activity (enemies, spells, environmental hazards) while HD will accompany you as non interactive surrounding with OST and ambient. This has both gameplay and aesthetic reasons to be, offering an immersive experience, but still keeping a rough retro appeal together with clear information and feedback about what’s going on in the action.



Other spell’ SFX samples (wind, ice, torture and magic shot): Spells SFX – sfxsamples03

So, everything is almost ready for our first playable prototype! We should be able to release it at the end of February, together with a teaser trailer. Once again let me remember you that Wizards’ Duel will be a PC procedural tactic RPG free-to-play, but as a no budget game, could be helpful to receive donations if you like what we’re doing.

Thank you so much for you attention

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra

tweet @theblindlynx

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