WD OST: Whisper Ruins

Hi folks,

I’ve been very busy with works and familiy in the past month so has been impossible to work further on Wizards’ Duel. I’ve just found some time to work on my original soundtrack for the game. Today I want to introduce to you the 5th release: the Whisper Ruins.

Inspired to Byzantine catacombs, and as the stage of necromancy and undead I was looking for a dark an middle east atmpshear. But for not confuse its flavour with the arabian Efreet Fiery Pit, I got occidental inspiration… Recently I have been very impressed by The Last of Us OST: so quiet, minimal, full of guitars and still very evocative of the presence of the death.


Rake facing the Brucolaco

More, I was a kid when I bought the SNES version of Killer Instict. I had a limited edition inclusive of the OST… It was a bit too house for me, but that’s probably one of the first soundtrack I’ve listen to by myself. So, immediatly when I’ve started to think about the fight with Catacano, the Brucolaco I had a perfect remembrance of the fight against Spinal and the percussive xilophone and gamelan matching with clash of bones.


Catacano, the Brucolaco

So I’ve started to compose something very quiet in the first part, using long pause, ambients and a simple guitar arpeggio on a byzantin scale, adding the cry of my newborn baby I’ve recorden in the rare long night with no sleep. I mean to give a shiver to the player, and obsesses him with that odd noise. Childrens crys are so misterious and alien, and is so rare to listen to it nowdays that I wanted to use it, and gave the fact that Brucolaco and oriental undeads often kidnap children it was perfect.

I would prefer to avoid near tones shift (in this case Eb – D) but it gave a quick taste of fantasy and tension, so I used it once more. What else?

Oh, near the end you can hear me sing (it’s the land of the no man!). Is the first time I add my voice in this soundtrack, but probably it will be not in the game but in the version for purchase on the incoming bandcamp profile there will be this version too.

Let me know if you like what we’re producing here and share all your ideas with us!

Wizards’ Duel will be a free-to-play tactical RPG with procedural generation and soon you could put your hands on the alpha release! So hold on and charge your spells!

Thanks for reading

Daniele – Art Director

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