WD OST: The Map theme

Last two months were so busy with works, commission and travels that I wasn’t really able to keep even an eye on Wizards’ Duel. In the pasted months I’ve composed a lot of tunes for the game. Five tracks of WD OST has been already realeased and you can find em on my soundcloud, here), but today I want to let you listen not a stage tune, but the Map theme. Everytime you will come back to the main map, after a succesfully completed level you will be able to choose the next stage, while your opponent will chose his next step too.

You and your allied spirits will talk a bit about what’s going on in the world, commenting your success and your enemy moves, then you will select a new stage to face. As background music you will be accompanied by the Map Theme.

Gave the fact the WD Map is from a bird view I meant to make windy track, with woodwinds and harp… And I want it to be slightly epic (read as horn and basoon) but with a clear rural flavor touched by melancholy: so I’ve added a violin and a harp. Bells underlines that feeling I wanted of “a casual Sunday in countryside” mixing the genuinity and drama (how many things a bell can say?)

WorldMap Bozza01

The main challange with a Map Theme is obviously to make it intersting, not boring but still with not too much emphasis… Silence and long breath pause has a major importance in a map tune, because you want not the player to turns out the audio at the 3rd times he come back to choose his next level. A good way to make this is to not complete too much the track, leaving something unsolved, with a sense of suspance…

The gamer have to enjoy the return of the theme, find it familiar and not intrusive. Think about different situation will happen in your game: the hero bestfriend’s death, the victory over the Unknown Army, and a romance with your Rogue Mistress… If after everyone of these scenes you will come back to the Map the theme will have to fit with the end of these events. Sure you could make extra tunes, but with extra efforts. So try to find a nice theme, with a “hope” in it, more than joy, or glory or rage… Hope is the leader of every game and life (with no hope you will not even play the game, nor the life…), so a track with a feeling of promise, and big things coming will surely fit properly for most of the things could going on…

What Map Theme you liked most in your gamer’s life? And which one you hated?

Let us know and don’t worry about our amazing game: alpha test will soon arrive!

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

tweet @theblindlynx

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