Skrymir The Jotun: Crystal Forest’ Boss!


When Luca and I started to brainstorm about Wizards’ Duel we clearly wanted to have peculiar bosses for every stage. Due the fact our game is based on collecting bosses’ power after their defeat, it was basic that every one of them were very specific, pushing the player to approach tactics in a different way for each one.

To schematize is a basic part of gamedev if you need a vary and solid work, and so after colors scheme, contrast adjective for characters’ gen, weather and day/night conditions, dimensions and mobility were another specific concept I faced for bosses’ diversification.

Some stages will have a hierarchical enlargement of the enemies (the stronger the bigger), other will be unscalar, or will keep all small foes, even the boss. This is not the case for Skrymir!

Coming directly from older norse myths Skrymir is one of the only opponents even Thor, god of thunder, has never been able to defeat. Skrymir is a Jotun, the norse giant kin, and I wanted him to be the hugest boss of the entire game, after the beautiful example inspired by @powerhoof Crawl’s monsters.


Obviously, being our game a tactical turn based the huge dimension has a total different impact than in an action games, but still, I wanted to give a shiver to the player when this titan arise from the Crystal Forest were he lives. Buried in the entire stage (where randomly you may will encounter a feet or a hand, or genitals) once you reached the top you will face the face! His enormous mouth will chew the terrain where you walk, and spits hordes of monsters out!

Do you have any idea about how you could bring him down?
Accompanied by the Crystal Forest stoner rock theme, you can get inspired and let us know!

And remember: Wizards Duel will be a free-to-play, but sure isn’t a free-to-make =) So If you want to spare a coin or offer a coffee to give us a boost, make a donation for a bigger, faster and harder duel!

Thanks for your time!
Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director
tweet @TheBlindLynx

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