WD OST: Gimme a gimmick


Hi folks,

summer is here and what’s better than take a guitar and camp fire on a beach with friends?

Yeah, camp fire: the father of all indie’s trope. Aegis Defenders, Hyperlight Drifter, Shovel Knight, Irkalla, Gods will be watching, The Curious Expedition and many more…The picture of characters watching the flames surrounded by a perillous night explains so good the indiependent estethic in contrast with major studios: wild vs domestic, rural vs citizen: the perfect metaphore, and someone should really make an article about this…


This trope fit so good our game that I got really inspired to compose a song, thinking about Rake and Exekiel, our main characters, along with all the bosses, together for a nice campfire with guitar, beers and marshmellows… Is a scene out of Wizards’ Duel narrative continuity, in the mood of classic endings with characters and bosses marching together back to home like a travelling actors company.


Gods will be watching’ camp fire: keep the flames alive!


Gimme a gimmick ‘cos I’m going down,

the Wizards are dueling, confronting in town,

Gimme a gimmick, cos this is my round,

I’ll show you my force to confuse and astound

Rake, awake! A quake can’t shake

the citadel, ‘cos Exekiel is bringing him down,


Gimme a gimmick cos I’m going down,

the Wizards are dueling, confronting in town…


Curious Expedition’s camp fire: less is more!


What you listen here is a draft, quickly recorded to firm the idea, but it transmit the feeling I wanted, a bit raw, so this could be the final version you will find in the Wizards’ Duel Original Soundtrack. Please, remember you can listen to the already released track on my soundcloud!

And still, if you like the work we’re doing for our game do not forget to make a donation to help us developing a better, harder, faster duel!

Thanks for reading,

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

tweet @TheBlindLynx

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