The World Map


Hi folks,

in the earliest development posts I have shown to you the first concept for Unica, the empire where our story is set. Then a couple of months ago I’ve uploaded the World Map theme for Wizards’ Duel OST… I’ve listened to it thousands time, eyes closed, imaging how I would have pictured the final version of Unica. From the original map’s concept I’ve just changed some stages position with a more coherent “climate” deployment.

WorldMap Bozza01

Unica Empire’s first concept

I had a look to many different pixel art solution from different artists to get inspired, but the one which most fit my vision was the one Thomas Nopper realized for Penarium.


Our style are very different, but I wanted a detailed but still clean feeling as in this one, with a clear borderline for every stage but a unite impact, with an emphatization on depth. So I started with flat color fields to understand composition and balance, and applying my Wizards colors scheme, so that every stage in the world map would suggest the stage’s atmosphere and palette.


Pixel color fields


A seppia version

mappapixel01BIG + FX

A rough mockup of particle FX and lights

The map as you can see it now is the pixelous final version, but it’s missing something. Particle FX and lights will be added in the final version, probably with the animations activated just when a stage is selected, (or turning from seppia to color).  So you will see snow falling on the Frozen Spire, and fog wafting on Misty Swamps. Stages’ names could change too, due the fact we have an ethnical inspiration for every stage with more precise, as explained in my post Stages and Bosses. So the Frozen Spire could be named Mount Ibuki, or the Demon Drift will become the Geenna. I would like to add some foreground mountains too.

Oh, and if you’re curious about Unica background and the story behind our game set, you could be satisfied with reading my Once upon a time…

What do you think about our map evolution? Do you have any favorite stage selection screen in the games you played?

Thanks for your support and suggestions

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

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2 thoughts on “The World Map

    • This is so true, but also what I’m learning from this experience is that a mid term plan can really help to put things together and keep good idea without losing energies on every creative impulse. I must say thank you to my homie @tndwolf and his engeneer head. I learn a lot from his way of think. Thanks for your support Ernest!

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