The Bestiary!


Hardcore 3 cycle animation for 64×64 Ent: the most common supernatural monster in celtic mythology!

Hi folks, is summer apotheosis here in Italy, we’re melting on our seat but we’re still working! And I’m proud to introduce to you our new page you can find in the blog’s menu: The Bestiary. There you will find all the enemies’ description and their origin in the real life. As previously announced in my Atlas & Bestiary post, every stage has a different ethnical mythological inspiration, from the iced mountain of japanese Mount Ibuki, to the hottest core into Arabian City of Brass… Boss and enemies will be coherent with the same flavour, and into our Bestiary page you will find their descriptions, and original legends. Step by step, the page will be enriched with their in-game powers and weakness, so it will be a spoilerous page obviously, with reference to TV tropes as well (you’ve been warned!). And I’d like to add a bestiary page into the final version of our game, with the monster’s myth explanation revealed once you beat em.


Fiery Pit’s Boss: The Efreet!

Our first prototype is almost finished and will be playable for the end of summer! So stay tuned and hold on because we will need all your precious feedback.! Wizards’ Duel is almost there! A procedurallly generated tactial RPG in heretical pixelous art and hardcore animations! Thanks for your support and passion Daniele Lasalandra – Art Director tweet @TheBlindLynx

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