Final spritesheet for Rake!


Hi folks,

Today I’m proud to show to you the finished animation for Rake the Rash Rebel. I’ve already talked about him in earlier dedicated post and you saw him in my first promo-art, but one year after I can finally show to you the animated avatar (face and full body) and Rake’s finished spritesheet. 


I needed so much time to evolve a final design, especially for Rake’s portrait. I really like this character and I wanted him to be very classic and charismatic at the same time. More, the Exekiel’s avatar came so simply and straight that was a lot of work to keep Rake on the same pure strength. But I’m very satisfied with the final design.


The Exekiel’s spritesheet override to generate Rake’s wasn’t supposed to be such a load of work. I guessed that a quick overpaint would have solved the whole thing… But every time I was approaching the job in that way it didn’t work. The color swap for the tunic, the head and staff’ substitution wasn’t enough. Rake was a puny black mage with a cool spear.


So while practicing more with other monsters’ design, and struggling with hardcore 2 or 3 cycle animation, I painted a promo art gif for Wizards’ Duel very appreciated by our followers. There I gave a more disruptive touch to Rake’s look, with a tarnished vest, without sleeves, showing nervous tattooed arms and a baroque ripped cloak. That was the right feeling I wanted: a younger punkish appearance to Exekiel’s bilious pupil.


To translate that design into lower resolution was the hardest part, with slight changes if confronted with the original Exekiel, but I kept the same rules:

  • 32*32 pixels
  • one color + a shadow
  • the palette I made
  • 12 colors per sprite


So, the Exekiel the Repentant Sage and Rake the Rash Rebel, are both ready to be putted into the code and be played, with their own style and story, against hordes of enemies all around the Empire of Unica. Which one would you prefer for your first game?

Daniele Lasalandra – Art Director

tweet @TheBlindLynx

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