Enemies Update!


Behemoth’s walk and attacks cycle animation

Hi folks,

let’s face video games are a love declaration to foes and enemies! Game designers, writers and artists puts all their effort to build charming and deadly nemesis for player, and so do we for our Wizards’ Duel!

Last month I’ve introduce our bestiary and the evil inhabitants of the Fiery Pit. Today I just want to show you some more enemies I’m working on.

Let start with Windy Canyon’s Boss: Garuda. Inspired to hindu and Indonesian mythology, the Garuda is the divine mount of Lord Vishnu, with a direct connection to wind’s power. His wings could push you back with a single flap, and his beak and fang will rip you apart while not casting tremendous spells. He will come and go from the sky, with direct attack on the battleground through the rows not protected by the rocks. I’m the early phase of drawing, but I still love this turquoise turkey-cock (has Belphagor would call him).


Bird King Garuda: The Windy Canyon’s Boss

About Belphagor, I had really fun concepting and designing his troops for the Demon Rift level, inspired to traditional hebrew’s hell: the Gehenna. The stage will be a mix of ice and fire, with ranged and summoning enemies trying to stop you, supported by the brutal strength of Behemoth.


Se’irim, Lilin, Mezzakim and Behemoth: Demon Rift’s enemies

I wanted to give the feeling of connected opposite and chaos variety but still keeping a coherency of form and colors. These follow the basic rule I gave to myself.

  • 32*32 pixels grid
  • one color + a shadow
  • the palette I made
  • 8 colors max per sprite (for enemies only)

More I go further in the pixel art and 2/3 cycle animation more I can squeeze the best from every frame, and I’m very glad I can overcome my best with every new piece: I thought I would never pictured something better than the Hibagon, but this Behemoth can really kick his ass!


Hibagon’s walk and attacks cycle animation

Wizards’ Duel alpha test will be released for the end of summer, so if you want to test it, please write us a comment or tweet @TheBlindLynx

And I love to remind you that Wizard’s Duel will be a tactical RPG in pixel art with procedural element, FREE-TO-PLAY but is not FREE-TO-MAKE, so if you like our work here, considerate to donate and help us to build a better, harder, faster Duel!


Thanks for your support

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director


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