Pixel Unlegit (is it legal?)

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Wizard’s Duel in-game screenshot (Fiery Pit’s level)

Hi everybody,

Wizards’ Duel prototype is becoming real and in a week we will have an alpha release date announcement along with teaser trailer and in-game videos. In the meantime, today I want to show you some major improvement we had in our graphic and explain a bit more the process I used to reach a mechanization of create background art assets.

Lately I’ve completed the final lava tile. That’s legit pixel art with two phases 3 cycle animation (on/off and idle). It took me time to reach a good result, I’ve learned a lot making this and I’m satisfied with the result, but it wasn’t an efficent process. And for the final version of the game I still have to draw 30 grounds, 30 walls and a load of objects and props…


Fiery Pit’s crackled ground, obtained struggling for month with texture manipulation

In the last months I chased a method for obtain intersting pixel art by photo manipulation. Yeah, that sounds heretical, but I got results. After many attempts and fails for the Fiery Pit level’s ground I got this natural crackled seamless texture. In the previous picture you can see how it work with the general environment.


Half hour of texture manipulation with my unlegit method

Then yesterday I wanted to make new assets for next levels, but I really had no time to work on it. So I just tryed a texture swap in our prototype to improve the texture manipulation method I developed. And in an half hour I got nice looking plane snow field mountains for the Frozen Spire.

In this screenshot the photographic quality of the image is still evident, but just let me swap these assets with the previous one into game action…


“Haven’t we met somewhere?”

This isn’t that bad, uh? What’s more important is a smart manipulation of original picture, and I will make a tutorial about my method soon. This is very useful for jam, and prototyping, where you need to focus on game design, but without renouncing to graphic strong impact.

What’s your opinion about unlegit pixel art? Do you liked my results?

Thanks for reading and support!

Daniele Lasalandra – Art Director

tweet @TheBlindLynx

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