A better NAME for a better GAME!

WDLogo+Undertitle+CLGlogo02As this project born, Luca and I were sure that Wizards’ Duel could have been a good name for this game. It was simple, talking streight what’s the game is about, and clear to write and read. But my mind was itching, still looking for something better and so we chose to kept that name as a production name to confirm later.

In the last months the public, you, gave us big satisfactions, with smart comments, interviews, donations, loads of retweets and enthusiasm for our making of. We are not even in alpha test and still we reached more blog’s views than expected. But before release our test dungeon and collect your feedbacks, we wanted to make a final decision about the title.

Sure we loved it, but Wizards’ Duel started to sound a bit anonym. Looking on the internet there was a lot of stores and games’ pages with the same name. With all your clicks we reached to be on Google first page, but we want to be the first result at all! And that old-fashioned possessive ‘s started looking like a trouble (is it a Wizard’s Duel or a Wizards’ Duel?).


old logo

I love to name things. Is the minimal art of communication, and what I’ve learn about title is a secret a want to share with you. If you want not to risk the one word approach (Bastion, Below, Rime: it’s so contemporary, but it will say enough about your product?) just go for the two hit combo: a common word + a peculiar word. Think about it: Nuclear Throne, Sword & Sworcery, Crypt of the NecroDancer… That’s what I could call Jab+Uppercut.

So, in these months the world set grown together with the game itself, and the Empire of King Dorico become familiar to us. We hope it will happen the same with you all, exploring the different locations inspired to real history and myth, fighting legendary pixelous Spirits and gathering their power, to become the last one of the Wizards of Unica

What do you think about our decision? Which name do you prefer?

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – art director

tweet at @TheBlindLynx

2 thoughts on “A better NAME for a better GAME!

  1. Good idea!
    How said by yourself, Wizards Duel was a common name and, even if I liked it, it could not approach new players.
    The new one sound misterious, exotic and, more important, unic.
    I look forward to try it!

    • Thanks Pakap! I’m glad you found it exotic, that’s exactly what we wanted. We can’t wait to release the alpha… we have a date and in some days will be official! Thanks for your fidelty and support! Hold on a bit more! =)

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