Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer!



Wizards of Unica Alpha 0.1 will be out, and in the mean time we want to tease you with an in-game trailer!

Here you can find Exekiel fighting in the Fiery Pit against Yras, the bladed Ghul and and the tough and slow Shaytan (find out more about them in our Bestiary!). The bare staff is good to squash fragile insects as the Yras but Exekiel needs a bit more power to face the Ghul and the Shaytan: so, calling the power of his signature spirit Truce, he obliterate the Ghul with a Hurt spell, then freeze the Shaytan with an Ice spell given to him by the bind with the Yuki Onna spirit (which he has dominate in the pasted stage). The Shaytan is paralized and Exekiel can try some attacks on him, waiting for the Hurt spell to cooldown and being usable again. The Shaytan reprise and beat Exekiel with a punch, but the Hurt spell is ready and he got exterminated by the power of the mage.

Wizards of Unica alpha 0.1 will be out this saturday! And we are looking forward to receive your feedback about it!


Thanks so much for you passion and support!

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

tweet @TheBlindLynx



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