Alpha Release 0.1

Today we release the first public alpha of our game Wizards of Unica! Grab it here! (or take a look at the source code on GitHub).

It has been a long year of work and we are proud to have reached this important milestone. It may not seem much, and of course the contents of the alpha are really limited and are but a tiny fraction of the whole game, but to me it seems a huge accomplishment and I would like to spend a few words on this.

I will tell the story of how Wizards of Unica came to life another day, but let me say that for a couple of friends with real-life responsibilities, jobs and other interests it is not trivial nor obvious to keep going for such a long time on a pet project (even if it has by now exceeded its original size, I have to say). What really helped was the support that we gave each other to keep the interest and enthusiasm high when the other was a bit on a burn-out phase and vice versa.

We also had to challenge our assumptions to work as a team. We are close friends but we are as diverse as our two main protagonists, we are both curious but we are also both very independent, even so we always kept being constructive and supportive. I am so glad of that, as it was one of my fears when we started.

We would like to thank all the people that have followed us in this adventure up until now and tell them to not leave as thing will start become interesting in the next few months. Also remember that your feedbacks are the one of the most important things to keep us going (but of course if you want to leave a donation that won’t hurt either!), so please if you feel you have something to say contact us, leave a comment (here or at the new main site), twit, whatever you prefer!

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Alpha Release 0.1

  1. Congratulations! This is a big step for the evolution of the game, you should be proud of yourself.
    Let me say that the alpha trailer is amazing! I can feel the drama of the main character and it’s beautiful; however, we are talking of a small 8bit game, so it is not easy to obtain a so intense emotion. Good job!

    • We are really proud about that, and we’re glad you like our work! The alpha trailer has come very naturally, because Exekiel and Rake story is already very structurated in our project, even if unrevealed atm. Things will grow fast in the next months so stay tuned!

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