The Birth of Wizards’ Duel

For some time I wanted to write about the history of Wizards of Unica, and I am using the first alpha release as an excuse.

In its first incarnation, Wizards’ Duel (the old name) was my idea for the 7DRL Challenge 2014. The gameplay ideas were already there: fight spirits, bind them, combine their power to get more powerful effects, fight and change the environment, fight your nemesis after you both got 4 spirits.

Melting ice with fire

Melting ice with fire. On the sides are your status and the selected power/tile/enemy. On the bottom the list of powers at your disposal

As you can see in the screenshots I was using Python for development, with Pyglet.

Flowing lava

Lava flowed according to Simplex Noise in the Fiery Pits, expanding or receding every round. Here I changes a tile to a wall using Earth

Unfortunately, I seldom have time to work on my pet projects during the week, thus, every year, I only have the weekend for the Challenge.

Stage selection screen

Stage selection screen, all the stages were implemented, but not all special terrains

Last year was no different, so I could work on the game maybe 30 to 40 hours, without sleeping of course, before understanding that I could not make it in time.

The chaos that is the Demonic Rift

The chaos that is the Demonic Rift: fire, ice and pits. One misstep on the ice and a long drop was going to end the level

Many things were already implemented, as you can notice in the screenshots, but it was far from complete. So I had to gave up.

A cemetery in the mids of the Whisper Ruins

A cemetery in the mid of the Whisper Ruins

However I was still convinced that the idea had potential, and some of my friends agreed with me, especially Daniele, that suggested to try and see if we could make it into a full fledged videogame.

Windy Canyon

In the Windy Canyon, the puffs of dust mean that in the next round everything will be moved around randomly

And so began our adventure, a couple of months after the 7DRL Challenge 2014.

A guarded crystal garden in the Stone Forest

A guarded crystal garden in the Stone Forest

Thanks for reading, and taking a look at these old memories.

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