Small Update: Restart

First let me thank all of you that downloaded and tried out our Wizards of Unica! It really means a lot. You also provided us important feedbacks, and the one that came out more often than others is about the possibility to restart on Game Over. It took me a bit (sorry, I was about 12.000 km away from my PC… talk about AFK) but I have implemented this feature and updated the alpha: you can download the new version here.

Press SPACE to Restart

Other frequent issues were about the control schema and in general some problems with keyboards and mouse. We plan to permit complete control over the keyboard’s configuration so hopefully this will not be a problem in successive builds. Also we will work hard to find a sensible way to make it possible to play the game using only the mouse, with sensible being the key word here: it must be intuitive and straight forward while not dumbing down the controls, not just something grafted on top of the game just to add a bullet point to the feature list.

Thank you all for your feedbacks and keep them coming! Receiving them shows your interest and is a great motivation for us to move forward.


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