Cooldown: Staves are coming!

Staff03Like for Rings of Power, Staves will be featured objects that will have both a strategical and tactical impacts on your game choices.

We’re still brainstorming the details about Staves, but some of our first ideas are about modifying the cooldown of the spells at your disposal.

In Wizards of Unica the magic is based upon The Pacts, the domination of  legendary Spirits which will allow you to use their power.Staff03


The first regulatory mechanic to the magic is the cooldown time between every use of the same Spirit’s power.

As you surely experimented if you tested our alpha (free download here), the round after you cast Hurt on an enemy you will not be able to cast it again. You may choose another spell, or use your staff into a melee fight, but you will have to wait for the next round to use Hurt again, because Truce, the Spirit which grant you the Hurt spell, is in cooldown.Staff03

With the combo it will be the same: i.e. when you will use Hurt+Ice for the devastating effect of a freezing avalanche on your enemies, both Truce and the Yuki Onna spirits will have to cool down. Focusing on the Yuki Onna, her time to cooldown is quite long, which means that for several rounds you will be not able to use Ice again…

Unless you have the Staff of Ice!

This particular Staff will operate on the cooldown, lowering the time it will take to use the Ice spirit again.


It would be great to create a procedural generator for staves, both for powers, names, and their pixel appearance, which may regulate the player’s style and strategic approach. Finding a specific staff may change your tactic and influence your choice in the following stages selection.

You may have found the powerful Staff of Ancients, that modifies Summon and Illusion spells, and even if you have just the Summon power but not Illusion yet, you could choose to go into the Misty Swamps and challenge the Scorpion Queen to get hers power of Illusion magic… getting in this way the most out of your staff.


Furthermore, some staves could have special powers: the Studded Staff or the Hammer Staff could increase your physical damage in melee, turning you into a deadly mage warrior.

So this is a feature we’re evaluating to insert and we’re still in brainstorming and concepting about it, but we’re looking forward to know what you think about it and get advises and ideas. Let us know! Your feedback are precious!

Thanks  for reading and for your support

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

tweet @TheBlindLynx


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