Combo progress

A little holiday update for our followers, to let you know that things are still moving. As you can see from the screenshots we are on our way to implement the spell combination system.

Hurt and Ice

Hurt and Ice (prototype)

In Wizards of Unica unlocking new Spirits does not only provide you with a new gimmick but it opens up the possibility to combine them to multiply the range of possible effects. In the case of the Hurt and Ice spell the effect will be that of an icicle spearing the enemy and creating a temporary obstacle for other enemies, thus combining a direct damage effect with a crowd control mechanic. Later on I will write a series of posts on the spells design criteria.

To combine Spirits you can simply press the Control or Shift keys while selecting them and then select a target as normal. If the effect is applicable to the target you will see the selection cursor lighting up (something that I am still working on), informing you that it is ready to fire. Multiple selection will be shown as highlights over the Spirits’ portraits and will affect the cursor as well.

Visual indication of multiple selection

Visual indication of multiple selection

I am still toying with the possibility of multiple selection using only the mouse. A possible way could be to keep the mouse button pressed and move it to each portrait that you want to select. Another one would be using left click for single selection and right-click for multi selection. Finally another one could be to do multi selection by default and single select on double-click. The problem with all these is that, at least for me, they are not “intuitive”, it is something that need to be explained, and in more than the famous 20 words I would say, and this is counter to one of the design goals of the game. Still I would very much like the possibility to play the game using only a single peripheral, mouse or keyboard.

What do you think? Any suggestion for the mouse inputs?

Thanks for reading, and let me wish you all happy holidays!

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