OST: Demon Rift

Hey Wizards & Sorceresses!

is time for another piece of music from the Wizards Of Unica OST: The Demon Rift!

In Wizards of Unica the Demon Rift is the realm of evil legions and their princes, inspired by the Hebrew traditional Geenna (The Eternal Fire). And in your chase you will encounter Belphegor, Lord of the Gap, and his servants.


With this song the Wizards of Unica soundtrack is now almost finished! I’m so proud I’ve been able to write all this music, and especially how I ended with this track here: I’ve been stuck with it for TWO YEARS.

I’m really fond with the Demon Rift level, and its mix of elements (ice and fire together!) and the Biblical tradition of Hell with all the folk demons that we’ve put in (Se’irim, the hairy demons, Lilin the children of Lilith, Mazzakim the afflictors demon and the legendary Behemoth), that’s why I wanted the level music to be at its best.


In fact Belphegor is probably my favorite Spirit so far: he’s the joker of our maze. Sarcastic, joyful, lazy and disheveled, in classical demonology he helps people to make discoveries (which means that probably he could be behind all the rise of our main character Exekiel). He seduce people by suggesting to them ingenious invention that will make them rich, but at the same time Belphegor is the Sloth incarnated (which to me means a perverted victory of the mind over the body). In the Hebrew tradition he was adored by the Moabites in the form of a phallus; he’s the Disputer and enemy of the Beauty and his role as a demon was to sow discord among men and seduce them to evil through the apportionment of wealth (which again match perfectly with the story of our 2 main characters Exekiel and Rake).


In dialogue Belphegor will be our jolly, especially because his sense of humor and because he’s the only one who breaks the 4th wall: yes! He knows to be a Boss in a video game!

So you will understand such a great character needed a good music to his stage! I really want to convey this sense of epic demon with a classical bombastic music as in recent fantasy movies, but I also want to have this folk Hebrew feeling and especially to add this odd sense of humor.

So, along with heavy timpani, military snare and french horns, I added this techno sounds with a square rave lead pumping and a church organ with an auto arpeggiator and slide switched on. More, in the final fight reprise there is this dance bass along with the Hebrew Shofar (the holy aries’ horn) that convey this sense of unholy and bizarre.

belphaboss04Actually the stage part, before the Belphegor evil laugh, was finished two years ago, but the encounter with the boss was weak and too similar to the strophe. I wanted something to give this sense of solemnity, with a slow phrase. And after two years, a couple of days ago a riff I composed 10 years ago came back to my mind and I realized it was perfect! That’s the phrase of the violoncello, after the laugh: 4 simple notes that stocked in my mind for all this time: efficient and slow as Belphegor would be!

As for the entire soundtrack I worked with oscillators, soundfont2 (sf2) and a couple of mp3 tracks (thanks to Cycro, Pablo Candel and Gabriela Upf from freesound.org)!

Last note about the composition: the track its in D minor, without any change of key, if not just a tension on the D#, but after many years I finally used the 3rd piccarda! This little trick known since the 1600 consist into close a minor piece with a major chord. Nobody knows where the name comes from, but the effect you can feel by yourself, deliver a sense of sudden light into the darkness, exactly what I need to the defeating of our sloth demon!

I hope you have enjoyed! Thanks for your passion and support! We’re coming with a new alpha entirely rebuilt! Hold on your staves! (errr…)

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

tweet @TheBlindLynx

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