A juicy summer! (after the dark night)

img_20170911_0003-copia.jpgHey Wizards & Sorceresses!

Our summer pause is almost over and we’re back at work! Actually as a game dev you never really quit to fantasize about what and how you should improve your game. And cos’ I’m a lucky bastard, and I spend my days of work travelling through Italian Riviera to make oil and watercolors en-plein-air, I have long daily train’s trips and I use all that time to work on Wizards of Unica.

This summer I mainly focused on dialogue, expanding the plot and the screenplay, and sketching down all the art assets we need for the stages. That’s a bunch of work done, so that this November I will be able to start again to finalize pixel art assets.

IMG_20170911_0002       IMG_20170911_0003.jpg

40 pages like this one came out for dialogues, and 20 other pages for art assets sketches! Not bad as a pause from game dev!

And now that my rhythm of live painting starts to slow down, I’m also back to spritesheets and spells’ drawing… Last spring I won the challenge with myself to paint Wizards of Unica’ 45 spells in two weeks, but still some work has to be done. I have to finish some new magic and especially to dissect every spells frame by frame, foreground, background and color matte, and arrange them into impeccable spritesheets. And this means more or less 450 frames, and 3600 coordinates to fill in…


Illusion + Fire = Rage


There is still a huge amount of work to do, but in the life of this project I finally feel we have past the “dark night of the soul”, accordingly with Austin Kleon and Maureen McHugh!

Austin Kleon

I feel me and Luca we are both now in the 6th step: we are fullfilled by the will of put all the things together and see our golem to walk by himself! And I know soon this will happen!

Thanks for all your support guys, and keep following ‘cos goodies are coming!


Daniele Lynx Lasalandra

tweet @TheBlindLynx


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