Alpha 0.3 out Dicember 12th!

Wizards & Sorceresses,

the joyful day has come!

Yes, the path have been tough and so much has to be done yet, but the dark night of the soul is gone and, yes! we have a date!


Alpha 0.3

Dicember 12th!

As our supporters know well, we’re working on this alpha since early 2016, and it’s so good to be ready to release! We’re looking forward to have you playing it and get your feedbacks!

In these 3 years we refactored a lot, switched from C# to Godot 3, reworked all visual assets and produced the whole original soundtrack. We’re very happy to say we’re on track now!



From previous alpha we removed all the downtime, so now you can play as fast you can.

In this new alpha you will find a brand new stage: 3 levels with main core mechanics to be tested, acquiring up 3 Spirits and mixing their powers in 10 different Spells.

You will explore a piece of our world with top notch pixelart and original soundtrack.

There are dialogues (yes you can skip!) but none of them will be present in the final game which will involve a compelling story and deep lore of the Empire of Unica.

We can’t wait to have you playing this new version of our game which is the result of 4 years of slow but unstoppable development.




More good news, we have a brand new Instagram and Facebook page plus the Twitter you know so well. So you can follow us on your favorite social media to be sure to get updates, giveaway and have a peek what’s coming next in the world of Wizards of Unica!


Once more, we’d like to thanks you all for supporting us with passion! Keep doing it cos we need it! Big hugs everybody!


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