Alpha 3 and the Future

We have finally released the third alpha, the first one since we started using Godot.

The bigger purpose of the new alpha release was to demonstrate, to the world and to us, that we can deliver. In many ways, Alpha 3 is a short game in itself, with a definite beginning, middle and end.


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The Design of Wizards of Unica

As we move forward it is time to go into a deeper detail about the design of Wizards of Unica and finalize the various game mechanics. This is the first post of a serie of article that will accompany us for several months while Daniele and I refine and finalize the gameplay of our game, and the starting point are WoU’s Design Goals.


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Under the hood update

The transition to the new architecture is slowly but steadily happening. Somewhere in the next couple of months it should be finished and then a new rounds of functionalities and updates will hopefully come close by thanks to the improvements, right now the management of lava has improved significantly and it no longer slows down your movements.

Lots of lava

Lava generation (shrunk because of file size)

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