Deadly deadlines? Pure life to me!

Wind Lvl 1 - CP#2

Day 35/60: Mount Meru: The Windy Canyon. Choke point #2: Temple of Rakshasas

Hello wizards and sorceresses,

people are asking me why I bother myself with tight deadlines, forcing me to rush my works. Actually this challenge of 500 assets in 60 days I gave myself is having a brutal impact on my life due its coincidence with Christmas. Continue reading

Personal challenge: 2 weeks left!

Hey everybody,

pasted weeks has been so tough! After the intense work of the pasted season, this challenge I gave myself is withering me!

Two weeks left and I still have to do 4 entire stages (one from the scratch). So, I’m note sure I will be able to finish before the deadline… BUT. This challenge gave me a lot of focus and speed boost to produce a bunch of assets, and forced my mind to be quick, aware, thinking out of the box to save time with a lot of reuse and color swap. Continue reading

Personal challenge: 500 assets in 60 days!


Church of Truce: mock up for choke point#3. 2017

Hi everybody,

here is my new personal challenge for Wizards of Unica! I’m gonna draw 10 stages’ assets in two months! 50 new graphics each one so more or less 500 assets in 60 days!

If you are following Wizards of Unica since last year you know that lately I produced a bunch of assets. But because of the non-primary nature of this project (Luca and I have very busy life with business and family) is very easily to get lost into perfectionism and never-ending dev. Continue reading

How to improve your pixel art?


My sweet Behemoth after his 2017 remake

In 2014 I had no serious experience with pixel art, and no clue about animation. But when Luca shared with me the main concept for Wizards of Unica, I understood that’s the only way that game should have been.

Despite I’m a pro artist in both traditional and digital media, my only previous works in pixel art has been Vega and Sagat portraits when I was 9, made in Paint. And my only approach to animation has been a lovely week with RPG maker, as a teenager: a short story due to my zero code skills. Continue reading

Pixelart: new & remake 2014 – 2017


Hello Wizards & Sorceresses,

I bought Aseprite.

If you are a pixel artist or a pixel enthusiast you should really consider to make yourself a gift this Christmas and buy a copy. This is not any kind of promotional message, but just my sincere enthusiasm for this well designed program David Capello developed based on several requests and feedbacks he got from Aseprite community in the last few years. Continue reading

Improved animation!

Yuki-Onna05Welcome back wizards and sorceresses,

last post I talked about pixel art proficiency and the beauty of lo-fi art limits, and today I’ll go further on the same path exploring 3 cycle hardcore animation and my improvement in the field.

In the featured image on top you can see the Yuki Onna, boss of ice stage Mount Ibuki. That’s the last animated version I made for this charming spirit who riddled me so much about her own appearance. Continue reading

Pixelart Proficiency

MockUp02 (all elements def)04

Mount Ibuki: The Yuki Onna’s Frozen Spire!

Welcome back wizards and sorceresses!

Time ago I talked about game design vs concept art, and the consequence of their confrontation. Today I’m proud to say I find a way to fruitfully use that conflict. Indeed art is about limits. As an artist I feel a natural need to overcome boundaries, but, art is more than a rebel act of creation against rules: like every language and grammar, art need to face limits and find a way to magnify the border itself. Why we would keep using pixel art otherwise? The deprivation of hi definition is a limit we self-impose working on low-fi-media as pixel art, but artists all around the world enjoy these limits so much, because limits and needs give birth to Continue reading

Bosses: a brief summation


WIP for Belphagor, Lord of the Gap (Summon)

Hi wizards and sorceresses,

long time no see!

My collegue Luca is on the otherside of the planet to follow a main project for his company, and my third kid has born in Dicember, so we’re quite busy but nonetheless we’re still working hard on Wizards of Unica! Have you already tried our Alpha 0.2 ? If you don’t please download it here, and share with us your feedback! Continue reading